What we do


Metal joining

We have nearly 100 welding technologies in our range. Many of these involve connecting materials from various material groups, such as the butt welding of carbon steel sheets explosively cladded with titanium.


  • Explosive cladding
  • Weld overlay cladding
  • Liners
  • Phenol heat-cured coatings
  • Aluminium cladding
  • Rubberisation
  • Pickling and passivation
  • Sandblasting and anti-corrosion coating application

Construction solutions

  • Low-finned tubes
  • Extruded finned tubes: monometallic and bimetallic
  • Tubes with lamella fins: monometallic and bimetallic, which are particularly useful in places where high temperature rules out materials used for extruded fins and a large heat exchange area is needed when compared to low-finned tubes. We have our own manufacturing technology.
  • Thermal expansion compensation using gland, lens and bellows expansion joints
  • High-flux tubing
  • Superbolt tensioners
  • Insulation