Cooperation and support

Technical support

Technical support

We have the knowledge, experience, skills, technical facilities, and a wide array of authorisations and technologies that allow us to find a variety of solutions considering the whole process, technical and economic context.
We design from scratch and manufacture devices which achieve the desired process objectives and also offer all kinds of modernisations and optimisations, such as:

  • Reducing the dimensions of equipment while maintaining its performance characteristics
  • Achieving better performance while maintaining the same dimensions
  • Achieving a higher corrosion resistance and longer product life
  • Reducing the cost of the device while maintaining its performance and useful life
  • Selecting the materials to the operating medium and working conditions
  • Improving a specific parameter of the device with a predetermined budget

In addition, we can manufacture equipment on the basis of our designs updating the documentation received from the client for compliance with the latest regulations or updating materials.

We can also manufacture equipment as per the documentation provided by the client. In such cases we thoroughly verify the received design documents before manufacturing.

We can train your personnel in how to operate our equipment and offer all kinds of after-sales support.

Feel free to consult anything with us.