We understand quality not only as meeting the specified requirements of our clients, but also (as a company with superior expert talent) as maintaining high standards regardless of contractual provisions.

Our long-term relationships with clients, the faultless operation of our equipment operated on industrial sites and the numerous certificates and recommendations are proof of the high quality of our products and services.
The Management Systems based on recognised international and Polish standards implemented at Polimer regulate many aspects of our activities. A complete list of our certificates is available here right arrow granatright arrow granat.

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We have been audited by our clients who have been consistently impressed by our performance.

We have procedures in place for requesting client feedback on our company to fine tune our operations and enhance customer satisfaction.


Decisions are taken independently by the employees assigned to specific cases. Polimer takes care to clearly define responsibility at every stage. Most decisions are subject to regular and organised internal control.

Skills and competencies

Since Polimer’s establishment, our engineering, design, manufacturing, NDT and management divisions have amassed a huge body of knowledge and a well-developed set of skills. We constantly verify and enhance our professional skills. Our team can provide the solutions that you expect.

Quality control

The Independent Quality Control Division monitors every part of the manufactured equipment from the supply of materials to the release of the final product.

Our own non-destructive testing laboratory (NDT) right arrow granatright arrow granat  ensures maximum accuracy and a short waiting time for the following types of tests: RT, UTUTTPTMTVTHTPMILT, endoscopic.

We test the finished equipment using hydraulic pressure tests or helium leak tests.


As early as at the design stage we plan for convenient transport structures, crates, packages etc. that will facilitate the safe transport and transhipment of our products.

We apply corrosion-protection measures to every transport, in a manner appropriate for the specific goods, e.g. by using nitrogen, inhibitors and tight enclosures. 

Our supplies are described in a clear, concise and detailed manner, both in the documents and physically on the package.

We purchase insurance policies for our transports.

We conduct legal checks to determine the transport requirements.

As we are experienced in international and domestic transport, we cooperate with proven and reliable carriers.


Governance processes are subject to constant evaluation and improvement, involving both management and employees.

We support inputs from our employees, and make efforts to align our company’s development with their personal aspirations.

We implement tools improving the efficiency and control of information flow.


We support cooperation between employees, maintaining a flat organisational structure. Regular consultations between departments allow us to reach a full understanding and meet the client’s demands from proposal to contract completion.

Engineering and design

We attach a lot of importance to the completeness and detail level of documentation, so that it provides all the information the user needs in a clear way.

We regularly verify the accuracy of our computational software applications.

Materials and products

We verify our suppliers’ qualifications.

We examine the scope of every manufacturer’s applicable authorisations and whether they are up-to-date.

We verify the material certificates and other inspection documents.

Our checks cover the dimensions, the completeness of markings and their compliance with certificates.

Our NDT laboratory regularly identifies the chemical composition of materials (PMI – Positive Material Identification).

We use the eddy-current method for testing tubes.

We carry out additional tests to confirm the material’s properties provided in certificates (such as ferrite content) in situations where it is of strategic significance for the welding process, resistance to the medium, etc. 

One designated person, the Project Manager, releases a given material for manufacturing on the basis of inspection reports.

We store and process alloy steels separately.

Polimer pursues quality, environmental and occupational health and safety objectives in accordance with its Integrated Management System Policy