Privacy and cookie policy


We know that you value your privacy if you are reading this page. We understand it completely and take every effort to protect your data, making it our utmost priority.

This privacy policy explains the rules and scope of our processing of your personal data which we access at the moment of your entering our website (“website”), your rights and our obligations as the data controller.

We use technical means and organisational solutions ensuring a high level of security of personal data processing and their protection against access by unauthorised persons.

If you have any doubts connected with the privacy and cookie policy you contact us at any time by sending a message to the email address; or by phone: +48 606 469 396.


The controller of your personal data is Grzegorz Grzesik, conducting business activities under the name Grzegorz Grzesik Firma Handlowo-Usługowa “Polimer” ul. Ujastek 5B, 31 752 Kraków NIP (Tax ID): 6781832482, REGON (Tax Identification Number): 351151483 (hereinafter “Controller”). The Controller processes the personal data of persons interested in the services of the Company who e.g. visit the website, or contact the Company by mail or phone. We need these data, in particular, to:
  1) begin cooperation
  2) initiate and conduct purchase and sale transactions
  3) conclude and carry out contracts
  4) clear settlements
  5) provide the services ordered
  6) answer your questions
  7) provide you the option to download our service catalogue

If you agree to receive commercial and marketing messages from Grzegorz Grzesik Firma Handlowo-Usługowa “Polimer” based in Kraków, we will process your data to send you information about our current services and new additions to the Controller’s range of products and services. If you have subscribed to the newsletter, we process your data to send you the latest information about our company’s activities, as well as the most relevant industry-related information.


You can contact us to discuss all matters connected with the processing of your personal data:
  a) by email to:
  b) by phone: +48 606 469 396
  c) by mail to: FHU Polimer Grzegorz Grzesik, ul. Ujastek 5B, 31-752 Kraków.


I. The type of data processed and purpose of processing: we may process your data, i.e. IP address, cookies, the website linking to our pages, your browser, location data and other identifiers connected with entering our website. If these data allow you to be uniquely identified, they are personal data within the meaning of the GDPR. We may process these data for analytical and statistical purposes, in which case the basis for processing are our legitimate interests, as provided for in Article 6 (1) (f) of the GDPR, which involves conducting analyses of activity of users of our website and their preferences, in order to improve the functionalities and services provided. Also on the basis of Article 6 (1) (f) of the GDPR, we may process data to potentially assert, pursue or defend against claims. In such cases our legitimate interests would involve the protection of our rights.

II. Storage period of your personal data; We will process your personal data only for a period necessary to achieve the purposes of processing or discharging our responsibilities under law, and if the period of limitation for claims arising from these purposes is longer – up to the period of limitation and the need to protect our legitimate interests. For data processed under our legitimate interest, the data may be erased earlier if you effectively object to their processing.

III. Recipients of your data: Your personal data will be made available exclusively to the parties with which we cooperate in running our activities, particularly legal, information technology, and hosting service providers, as well as other people within the Controller’s organisation, the institutions or third parties authorised to request access to or receive personal data on the basis of legal regulations; parties providing technical support, and parties fighting fraud and abuse under the current legal framework. We also use third party solutions, such as Google Analytics and social media in accordance with their individual privacy policies.


We can obtain your personal data if:
  1) You have provided them yourself;
  2) Your data have been provided in a publicly accessible source;
  3) Your data have been provided by you during log in or use of our website.


  a) Compliance with the obligations of the controller or where explicitly required by law (pursuant to Article 6 (1) (c) GDPR);
  b) indicated below, on the basis of the controller’s legitimate interests, i.e. for the purposes specified in Article 6 (1) (f) GDPR:;
    a. to enable us to contact you and provide services under a given contract;
    b. to archive (evidence) to secure information should there be a legal need to establish facts
    c. to document activities

To receive information about our and our partners’ products, events and special offers, you need to sign up for our newsletter. The personal data submitted on signing up for the newsletter are processed on the basis of your consent, pursuant to Article 6 (1) (a) GDPR. Signing up for the newsletter is voluntary, but it is not possible without providing the specified data. You can always withdraw your consent, but its withdrawal will not affect the processing of your personal data that took place before you have withdrawn your consent.

The Controller runs public profiles on social media services (e.g. LinkedIn) and websites. In connection with the above, the Controller processes the data left by persons visiting these profiles (e.g. likes, comments, shares). The personal data of such persons are processed in connection with running a profile, including for the purposes of informing about our services and promoting products, services, and various types of events, as well as for the purposes of communication with users using the functionalities available on social media, to allow visitors to be active on our profiles, for the purposes of presenting information about the initiatives taken by the Controller, running competitions, and also for statistical and analytical purposes. In addition, the data of such persons may be processed for the purposes of pursuing and defending against claims. The legal basis for personal data processing is the legitimate interest of the Controller (Article 6 (1) (f) GDPR), involving the promotion of our own brand, improving the quality of the provided services and, if this is necessary, pursuing and defending against claims.
Providing your data is voluntary but without supplying the data processed as part of using social media services it is not possible to use the functionalities of these services.

Your personal data may be used for marketing purposes only after we obtain your separate consent. If you do not grant such consent you will not receive any commercial information that you have not specifically requested.


You have the following rights in connection with our processing of your personal data:

1) The right to withdraw your consent – without stating the reason, if we process your personal data on the basis of your consent. The request may relate to a purpose of processing specified by you, for example withdrawing consent to receive commercial information. Withdrawing your consent does not affect the actions taken up to that point.

2) The right to erasure – without stating the reason, if you consider that there is no basis for us to process your data. The request to erase data will not affect the actions taken up to that point. When your data are erased we will not process them any more.

3) The right to object to the processing of your data both in full and for purposes or in a scope specified by you. The objection will not affect the actions taken up to that point. Submitting an objection may cause your data to be erased, which means that we will not process them any more.

4) Right to restriction of processing of your personal data whether for a specific time or in a specific scope. This request will not affect the actions taken up to that point.

5) The right to correct or rectify your personal data by sending an e-mail to:

6) The right to request information on the scope of processing of your personal data by us.

7) The right to data portability – you have the right to receive the personal data that you provided us on the basis of a contract or your consent in a structured, commonly-used format suitable for machine processing; you can request that we send these data directly to another entity, the first sending of data is free, but if you request to send the data to a larger number of entities, or sequentially to other entities, this will be conditional on the payment of appropriate remuneration to the controller.

8) The right to lodge a complaint to the President of the Personal Data Protection Office if you consider that we collect or process your data unlawfully (more information on
We have the obligation to notify you no later than within a month from receiving any requests about the activities we have undertaken.


Some of the operations involved in processing your data may involve transferring them to third countries. We submit your personal data to third countries in connection with using tools that store personal data on servers located in third countries, particularly the US. The providers of these tools guarantee an appropriate level of personal data protection by using specific compliance mechanisms stipulated in the GDPR, especially by joining the Privacy Shield programme or using standard contract clauses.
The storage of personal data on servers located in third countries may occur as part of your logging in to our social media pages, including LinkedIn (LinkedIn Ireland Unlimited Company, Wilton Plaza Wilton Place, Dublin 2 Ireland) – we recommend that you read the relevant data protection and privacy and cookie policies of this website. The said data include your name, e-mail address, IP address and statistical information connected with your reactions to our messages.
Please remember that we use third-party tools which might collect anonymous information about you. The providers of these tools often use servers located across the world, particularly in the US, to store the collected data.


Our website,, may use cookies, which identify the user session during the use of our service. These files are necessary for the proper functioning of our Website.

I. What are cookies?:
Cookies are text files stored on the end device of the website user (for example on a computer, tablet, smartphone). These files usually contain the website name, storage time on the end device and a unique number. Cookies stored on your end device provide access to information contained in them. This information is used for our websites to run properly, but also for statistical analysis of traffic, for example obtaining information on what content is most often read etc. Cookies may also be used for collecting information for commercial purposes, e.g. to better adjust the presented content and offers to your preferences and interests determined on the basis of the information recorded in them.

II. The basis for using cookies:
We use cookies on the basis of your consent, except for situations in which cookies are necessary for the appropriate provision of a service by electronic means.
With regard to your consent to using cookies, we assume that you grant such consent by having specific settings in your browser or additional software supporting cookie management. We assume that you grant your consent to all cookies that we use and which are not blocked by your browser or other software you use.

III. How to block cookies.
In order to block cookies you need to change the settings in your browser, so that it rejects or removes specific cookies. Each web browser provides the option to disable cookies both after ending a session on a given website and permanently, including for a specific website and for all visited websites. Information on how to disable cookies can be found in the documentation provided by the developer of your web browser, which is typically available in the Help section or in a similar tab. For example:
In Google Chrome go to Settings/Privacy and Security;
In Mozilla Firefox go to Tools/Options/Privacy & Security;
In Internet Explorer go to Tools/Internet Options/Privacy;
In Safari go to Preferences/Security;
In Opera go to Tools/Preferences/Advanced.
Please remember that when you block cookies, some functionalities of the website may stop working.

IV. Data collection:
In accordance with the adopted practice for most websites, we store the HTTP requests sent to our server. This means that we know the public IP addresses from which users browse the information content of our website. The browsed content is identified by URL address. We also receive:
  1) Request arrival time;
  2) Response time;
  3) URL address of the website previously visited by the user (referrer link), if was accessed via a link;
  4) Information on the user’s web browser.
These data are not matched with specific persons browsing
To ensure the best possible quality of the website, we occasionally analyse log files to determine which pages are visited more often than others, which web browsers are used and whether the page structure is free of errors, etc.

V. Use of data:
The collected data are stored as supporting material used for website administration. The information contained in them is not disclosed to anyone other than the individuals authorised to perform server and network administration and the attached tools. Log files may be used to generate statistics, which are helpful for administrative purposes. Overall summaries in the form of such statistics do not contain any identifying features of the individual users visiting the website.

VI. Types of cookies:
The website uses the following cookies:
  1) Standard / Purpose – the basic role of this type of cookie, necessary for managing websites. They allow us to identify what type of user you are and ensure that we provide the appropriate services.
  2) Performance / Analytics – we use cookies to analyse the accessibility, use and performance of our websites. We need this information to maintain, manage, and constantly improve our services.
  3) Functionality – this type of cookies allow us to manage certain functions of our websites in accordance with your settings. This means that when you continue to use the website or you return to it, we can provide you our services in the way you selected, so that your username is recognised (for example if the website requires login, the User is not required to enter his or her login and password on every page).
The website uses two types of cookies: session cookies and persistent cookies. Session cookies are temporary files, stored in the User’s end device until the User logs out, leaves the website or quits the browser. Persistent cookies are stored in the User’s end device for a period specified in their parameters or until removed by the User.

VII. What third-party cookies we use.
The cookies used on our website may include the following third-party cookies::
  1) LinkedIn
  2) Google, such as:
    a) Google Analytics;
    b) Google My business;
    c) Google Tag Manager;
    d) Google Ads.

LinkedIn Plugin
Our website contains a plugin for the LinkedIn social networking service. The LinkedIn Plugin on our website is visible as the LinkedIn logo. This plugin directly connects you with our LinkedIn profile. In the process, LinkedIn may receive information that you have visited our website from your IP address. When you are visiting our website while being logged in on your LinkedIn profile, LinkedIn will record information about your visit. Even if you are not logged in, LinkedIn will be able to obtain information on your IP address.
We want to emphasise that the purpose and scope of data collection by LinkedIn are not known to us. To receive additional information regarding your privacy on LinkedIn we suggest that you directly contact LinkedIn or read the service’s privacy policy on
If you do not wish LinkedIn to receive information regarding your visits on our websites, we recommend logging out of your LinkedIn account before visiting our site.

Our pages use web analysis services provided by Google Inc. (”Google Inc., 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA “): Google Analytics, Google Ads, Google My Business and Google Tag Manger. Google Analytics and Google Tag Manger use cookies, which facilitate analysing the ways in which websites are used. The data collected by cookies are transmitted to Google servers located in the US and archived. We conduct our activities in this regard on the basis of our legitimate interests involving the creation of statistics and their analysis for the purposes of optimising our websites
If the IP address anonymisation feature is on during the use of our website, and the User’s IP address is shortened by Google. This relates to the Member States of the European Union and other states listed in the Agreement on the European Economic Area. It is only in exceptional cases that the full IP address is only sent to Google’s server in the US and then shortened there. The IP address anonymisation function is active on our website. At the request of website operators, Google uses the collected information to analyse the use of the website, prepare reports on its use and provide other services connected with using the web. The IP address provided by the User’s browser under the Google Analytics program is not stored along with other Google data.
The User can prevent the browser from saving cookies. However, in such a case it will not be possible to use all the functions of this website. In addition, the User can prevent saving data collected by cookies about the usage of the website (including the IP address) and sending them to Google, as well as transferring these data by Google, by downloading and installing the plug-in available on:
Thanks to the Google Ads tools, we can present our products and services in Google’s search engine and on websites making up Google’s ad network. A user who enters specific keywords in the search engine may see our ad. With Google Ads, we analyse the effectiveness of ads published on Google’s websites, which allows us to better adapt our range to user expectations. After clicking the banner of an ad published by Google, Google Ads cookies are saved on the User’s computer. Only statistical information needed to identify the ad banner are obtained. Google My Business allows placing the most important information about our activities in the search engine. The business card on Google also allows writing reviews about our activities. Google may receive information that you have visited our website. The purpose and scope of data collection by Google are not known to us. To receive additional information regarding your privacy on Google we suggest that you directly contact Google or read the service’s privacy policy on

VIII. How to manage your privacy settings
We answer this question in multiple places in this Privacy and Cookie Policy. We have compiled all this information here for your convenience. Below you will find an example list of options to manage your privacy settings:
  1) Cookie settings in the web browser;
  2) Web browser plugins supporting cookie management;
  3) Additional software for managing cookies;
  4) Incognito mode in your web browser;
  5) Google Analytics Opt-out:


Our website may contain links to other websites. The Controller recommends that you read the privacy policies of those websites after being redirected there. Our privacy policy pertains only to the Controller’s Website.
If the binding privacy policy changes, appropriate modifications will be introduced and a new version of the Policy will be published on our website.