Oleksandr Sokol

Specialist for quotations and cost estimates

ul. Ujastek 5b, 31-752 Kraków,

Our main business is the design and manufacturing of pressure and non-pressure equipment making up industrial installations in the refinery, chemical, petrochemical, mining, fertiliser and energy sectors. In addition, we can manufacture equipment for any industry, such as food processing or water treatment. We provide our products and services mainly to End Users and EPC (Engineering, Procurement & Construction) companies. We design and manufacture: Shell and tube heat exchangers Air coolers Pressure vessels Reactors Pipelines / piping Columns Towers Boilers Storage tanks Electric heaters and a variety of other elements of industrial installations not listed above, as well as steel structures. We manufacture entire sets of installations, individual devices and elements, as well as their parts and internals: tube bundles, chambers, shells, coils, columns’ shelves, etc. Considering the process type, we provide: coolers, heaters, scrubbers, separators, absorbers, condensers, deaerators, autoclaves, saturators, evaporators, boilers, strippers, superheaters, etc. We can manufacture on the basis of the client’s technical documentation.