What we do



We design and manufacture all kinds of steel and other structures, including special-purpose structures, such as bridges, exhaust ducts, absorbers, grates, separators, special poles, special load bearing structures, railway rolling stock, etc.

Our major strength is the design and engineering support we can offer thanks to our extensive and experienced design studio team. We can offer rapid performance thanks to our own non-destructive testing laboratory. We can assist you with:

  • preparing structural documentation
  • selecting the appropriate materials
  • designing prototypes
  • testing new and existing products
  • performing structural analysis to assess production costs

We have remarkable skills and extensive experience in metal welding that we have obtained over years of work as a manufacturer of pressure devices for process installations in the chemical, refinery, energy & rail industries. In addition to steel and aluminium, we weld all kinds of materials, including challenging ones, such as nickel alloys, titanium, and materials requiring heat treatment.

Our services involve a wide array of welding technologies and authorisations. We hold an ISO 3834 welding process assessment certificate and have implemented welding quality management systems for rail vehicles and their components according to EN 15085, as well as the ISO 9001, 14001, 18001, ASME & UDT management systems.

Metal cutting, bending and welding services

We provide laser cutting, bending and welding services for metals.
Our state-of-the-art machines (laser cutting machine, press brake, welding equipment) and
experienced team guarantee the high quality, precision and reproducibility of the produced
elements made in any form, including complex and unusual designs. You can count on our
rapid performance and competitive prices. We work on both our own materials and those
provided by the client.

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