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Engineering & Design

Engineering & Design

Our design office comprises a tightly-knit team of designers with many years’ experience in developing equipment that meets client expectations and regulatory requirements. We provide a wide range of design services paired with comprehensive and professionally produced design documentation in various domains of industry.

We specialise in the following sectors: technology and installations, pressure equipment and tubing mainly for refineries, chemistry, petrochemistry, energy and numerous other branches of industry. Our designs are based both on recognised design standards and on comprehensive numerical analyses.

We provide comprehensive technical designs of whole process, transfer and storage installations and their parts: shell and tube heat exchangers, reactors, towers, columns, pressure vessels, storage tanks, fan cooling towers, pipelines, filling stations, steel structures and other installations, along with instrumentation.

We create new designs from scratch achieving the result desired by the client on the basis of a data sheet. We perform modernisation and optimisation works on existing equipment and installations, e.g. reducing dimensions while maintaining performance, improving efficiency, obtaining better corrosion resistance – longer service life, lower equipment cost while maintaining efficiency and service life, etc. We provide updates to existing documentation (usually as part of equipment replacement), ensuring compliance with latest regulations, or updating materials.

We adjust the templates and numbering of design documents to the client’s in-house system, if needed.

You are invited to practical pressure equipment design courses in AutoCad 2D.

Polimer flow simulation

We submit our designs for assessment and approval to client-indicated inspection bodies (e.g. ASME – Authorized Inspection Agency, European Pressure Directive – Notified Body, UDT (Polish Office of Technical Inspection).

We also offer expert studies and analysis of specific events occurring during the operation of industrial installations.

Our engineering and design activities include:

Thermal and flow calculations – heat balance (DATA SHEET)

Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulations

Strength calculations

Strength simulations of pressure elements, as well as steel structures using the FEM (finite element method)

Three-dimensional (3D) and two-dimensional (2D) modelling of devices and installations

Modal analyses of structures

Fatigue analyses of devices and structures subjected to dynamic loads

Distribution analyses of temperature, velocity and other physical quantities

Technology and material selection

Shop drawings and process documentation

Documentation for tubing, non-pressure tanks and storage tanks

Construction documentation

Instrumentation and automatics documentation

Electrical system documentation

Process flowcharts

Pump selection

Licence documentation and documentation approved by third parties (NoBo – Notified Bodies, AIA – Authorized Inspection Agencies, UDT, etc.),
also indicated by the client

Standards and design rules:

ASME B31.3

ASME VIII Div. 1 latest edition

ASME VIII Div. 2 latest edition

EN 13445

PED (Pressure Equipment Directive) 2014/68/UE

EN 13480

EN 14015

EN 1591

WUDT (Conditions of the Office of Technical Inspection): Production, Modernisations, Repairs


API 661

API 751


AD 2000-Merkblatt

Main design software packages:

Autodesk AutoCad

Autodesk Inventor Professional

Autodesk Nastran

Autodesk AutoCad Plant 3D

Intergraph PVElite

Intergraph Visual Vessel Design


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