Cooperation and support



Every project responds to different needs and requirements of our clients and involves diverse technical and organisational aspects. That is why, in addition to such basics as high quality and safety, we attach great importance to ensuring the effective and reliable flow of information that allows to fully understand each other at the right time. We want our clients to experience the comfort of having a reliable business partner.

Our surveys have shown that our clients had a significantly better experience communicating with Polimer than with our competition.


We listen to your needs


We are always ready to help


We are flexible

Efficient communication

A single person assigned to the client supervises the process from enquiry to contract conclusion and is responsible for providing all information.

A single person assigned to the client (project manager) supervises contract performance from signing to completion and is responsible for providing all information.

Our highly-qualified team responds to all queries quickly, effectively, thoroughly, and in a way that is convenient to you.

We make binding decisions quickly thanks to our flat organisational structure.

Our in-house legal team ensures that all contracts are scrutinised without undue delay.


The typical process of performing a contract is as follows:

1. Enquiry

2.Consultation with the client, if needed: technical, technological, legal requirements, potential modernisation proposals, etc.

3. Offer

4. Contract signing

5. Engineering & Design

6. Project review by the client

7. Project approval by an independent Inspection Body

8. Manufacturing – NDT – between-stages inspections by an independent Inspection Body

9. Strength / leak tests in the presence of a representative of an independent Inspection Body

10. Acceptance by the independent Inspection Body

11. Anti-corrosion treatment operations: coating, glass blasting, heat-cured phenol coatings, etc.

12. Transport / Installation

13. Commissioning

14. Warranty service

  • We notify you about the progress and effects of our work in accordance with a predetermined schedule and/or at your request; by means of written reports, and also inspection documents, photographs and video clips.
  • You are also encouraged to pay us a personal visit at any stage of contract performance. (Did you know that Kraków is ranked by major travel websites and magazines as one of the world’s most interesting tourist destinations for a city break or business visit?).
  • We will answer all your queries and comments at any stage of performance.
  • We will immediately let you know if there are any unexpected events.


  • In interpersonal relationships we treat all our partners with respect and high personal culture.
  • We are honest.
  • We understand cultural differences.