We provide

  • engineering, design, manufacturing, testing and inspections, assembly on site
  • of industrial equipment: process, transmission and storage devices
  • in accordance with the international standards, technical inspection and legal requirements applicable in a given country
  • all over the world.

What sets us apart

Cooperating with us guarantees exceptional safety, comfort and peace of mind for anyone responsible for technical procurement and order supervision.
An excellent rate of response and taking action, effective communication, process transparency, dedication, an understanding of the client’s specific needs,
high potential for finding and applying solutions – these are only some of the reasons.


Quality and safety are the undisputed minimum. We want to excel in customer service and operating efficiency.


Our objective is to a highly-effective, flexible, rapidly-developing organisation, which offers specialised services and products under durable partnerships with our clients all over the world.

We want to be an employer inspiring people to fully realise their potential.

We want to develop, enhance and maintain a proven network of suppliers.